The Comprehensive Planning Meeting for the First Half of 2012

In the morning of July 10, the comprehensive planning meeting for the first half of 2012 was held in the third floor conference room. The meeting was presided over by the  Chairman and general manager of the company--Mr. Lin Zhimin. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure the completion of the annual targets for 2012 and further strengthen the comprehensive planning and management of the company.

The three deputy managers of the Comprehensive Planning Department made reports  on the completion of the comprehensive plan for the last six months, put forward the plan for July and also highlighted the problems and recommendations during the implementation of the comprehensive plans. The participants from related departments exchanged ideas and made discussions on the bottlenecks occurred in combination with their actual work.

The chairman of the company--Mr. Lin Zhimin, gave an important speech to conclude the meeting. Mr. Lin fully affirmed the achievements of various departments in the first half of the year; he also pointed out the distance to the predicted aims, analyzed the environment at home and abroad and explained the extremely severe market conditions the company was. The chairman made requirements for all employees to become fully prepared to meet all kinds of difficulties; he called on leaders at all levels and all staff to be united as one, take marketing and sales as the main line, consider more for the users, establish firm awareness of market competition, make efforts to improve the market competitiveness so as to ensure the successful completion of the objectives for this year.

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