The Company Organized Middle Management to Participate in the "Responsibility above Ability" Training

On February 18, the company organized 24 middle management to participate in the "Responsibility above Ability" Training held by Shenzhen Jucheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. in Qingdao High-tech Vocational School. This training is designed to further strengthen the sense of responsibility of the management staff, to enhance their enthusiasm and initiative, to create a highly efficient management team  and thus enhance the core competitiveness and cohesion.

The main lecturer--Mr. Yang Zonghua is a famous Chinese practical management training expert and the head of the Jucheng Corporate Business School. Mr. Yang has long focused on the in-depth study of development of small and medium-sized enterprises, local business model, personnel development, marketing model, management, corporate culture construction; he is a scholar on the commercial research scholars as well as a leading expert on training and consulting.

In today’s society, why people do not want to take responsibilities? Mr. Yang has given all his trainees a clear answer: there is no right or wrong in taking responsibility; we should not be forced because we have a choice in this. Different choices will bring different  outcomes. Responsibilities are more important than abilities; the greater the responsibility is, the greater the improvement will be! During the training, Mr. Yang carried out in-depth analysis on the lack of sense of responsibilities  and corporate importance with rich  business cases, witty language, and profound philosophical connotations; he lectured in layman’s language on the missing of responsibilities for today‘s enterprise, the phenomenon of poor execution , and further clarified the employees have a high degree of sense of responsibility for their own and the importance of enterprise, wake up the heart of every participants a sense of responsibility, venues spontaneous applause form resonates with the teacher lectures.

After the training, all the participants became aware that as one of the core abilities, "responsibility" is not only the professional spirit of employees, but also one of the basic guidelines to live as a person. The world does not lack ability, but those who combine  abilities with the sense of responsibility are ideal talents for every enterprise! Through training, we better understand the importance of responsibility, learn to be grateful in the future work, and form a sense of dedication and courage to work seriously, a strong sense of responsibility and mission, proactive, dedicated themselves to Rip for a tomorrow future.

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